Kendall Amateur Radio Society (KARS)

We invite you to join our monthly business and technology demonstration meetings on the first Thursday of each month, 7pm, in the Pioneer House at The Agricultural Museum and Arts Center, 102 City Park Road, Boerne TX 78006.

Founded 1980


When: JUNE 24, 2023
Where: in the Pioneer House at the AgriCultural Museum & Arts Center
102 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX 78004

What: A demonstration of ham radio in action!


The Kendall Amateur Radio Society, a 501C-3 organization, will be setting up and publically demonstrating their radio skills in the annual American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day contest taking place this weekend.
What is Field Day, you ask?
“ARRL Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June… Field Day is ham radio’s open house. Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio’s science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. It combines public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills all in a single event. Field Day has been an annual event since 1933, and remains the most popular event in ham radio.” (taken from
The contesting begins at 1:00 PM and is open to the public until 8:00 PM. There will be four stations set up to operate on different frequency bands trying to make as many contacts as possible with other contesters. The public is invited to come and observe. For those with further interest in the ham radio hobby, a handout will be provided with further information.
The Kendall Amateur Radio Society also holds open monthly meetings in the Pioneer House at 7:00 – 9:00 PM every first Thursday of the month (next meeting July 7). Photos from past Field Day events can be seen here:
For further information, email: [email protected].

What is Ham Radio?

A friendly, high-tech hobby made up of a unique mix of fun, public service and technical learning and experimentation are the distinguishing characteristic of Amateur Radio. Although Hams get involved in the hobby for many reasons, they all obtain knowledge of radio technology, regulations, operating principles, demonstrated by passing an examination for a license to operate on radio frequencies known as the “Amateur Bands.” These are reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use by hams at intervals from just above the AM broadcast band all the way up into extremely high microwave frequencies.

There’s something for everyone

  • An Ohio teenager uses her computer to upload a chess move to an orbiting Ham space satellite, where it’s retrieved by a fellow chess enthusiast in Japan…
  • Scouts on a campout learn to use hand-held Ham radios linked to a network of “Repeaters” to talk to other Hams all around the state…
  • An aircraft engineer in Florida participating in a “DX contest” swaps call signs with hams in 100 different countries during a single weekend.
  • With the help of Amateur Radio clubs, Ham-licensed International Space Station astronauts have been speaking over the airwaves while in orbit. They are talking directly with large groups of the general public, showing teachers, students, parents and communities how Amateur Radio energizes youngsters about science, technology, and learning.

The Serious Side

  • September 2022, Coeur d’Alene. An ATV accident involving two teenage girls. Using a local Ham Radio repeater and simplex frequencies, a Ham was able to bring help quickly.
  • September 2022, Florida. Hurricane Ian trapped a couple on the Sanibel Island. A Maryland Ham overheard the trapped woman’s sister mentioning her last communication was that the water was rising into their 2nd floor of their home. From hundreds of miles away, the Ham logged into the Florida Emergency Net and relayed location information ultimately resulting in a successful rescue.
  • March 2000, Honduras. Pirates attempt to raid a sailing vessel moored off the coast of the Honduras.  A small boy is wounded in the attempt and Ham Radio is credited for the rescue.  A Ham operator on-board kept in constant communication with a Miami Ham….
  • May 1997 Jarrell Texas-A tornado devastates the town. For several hours, Ham Radio was the only working communications and Ham operators rode with Fire, Police and EMS units providing critical communication capabilities.
  • October 1983-The US invades Grenada. A US Ham/Student with special permission from the US State Department is the only civilian link to the outside world and subsequent rescues…

Who are we?

One of over 3,000 “Ham Radio” clubs across the United States. KARS has been actively involved in the local community since 1980 volunteering communications expertise for emergency preparedness drills, parades, triathlons, and other public service opportunities. We invite you to join our monthly business and technology demonstration meetings on the first Thursday of each month, 7pm, at The Agricultural Museum and Arts Center, 102 City Park Road, Boerne TX 78006.